A Review Study on E-Banking Trends and Dynamics

The advent of the Internet has a significant impact on banking service that is traditionally offered by the branches to the customers. With the help of the Internet, customers can do their banking anytime and anywhere as long as Internet access is available. This new type of service has been called "online banking" or "Internet banking." Online banking is a new phase in retail banking services. With the help of online banking several types of services through which customers can request information and carry out their banking transaction such as balance inquiry, inter account transfers, utility bills payment, request check book etc., via a telecommunication network or internet without physically visit the branches. The Promotion of online banking technology enabled the banks to enhance its operations with cost cutting effectively and efficiently in order to handle daily banking affairs via online banking channel. Customers are being facilitated by reducing their visits in banks and they can carry out their transactions via internet or ATM Machines instead of personally visiting the branches. This Paper examines trends and dynamics of e-banking.