“Customer Perception Study-Towards E-Banking Services Of Public and Private Sector Banks - With Special Reference to Chittor District of Andra Pradesh”

The world wise technology is growing very rapidly. The modern technology brings major changes in every sector including banking sector. Today every banking organization are using E- Banking for better customer services, Indian banking industry has suddenly witnessed a major boom. Being a globalized market, the customers seek and demand world class products. In today’s global market, the competitive advantage lies in delivering high quality service to the customers. The need to achieve customer satisfaction lies in its ability to deliver products quickly and better to the customers. The purpose of this paper is to determine the customer’s perception toward the e-banking services. A total number of customers taken for the study are 196. Analysis of variance technique is employed to study the significant relationship between the occupation and customer perception of e-banking services and significant relationship between the age and customer perception of e-banking services. The result of the study clearly shows that different age group of customer and different occupation group of customers have different perception toward the e-banking services. The results also propose that demographic factors impact significantly internet banking behavior, specifically, occupation and age. Finally, this paper suggests that an understanding about the customer’s perception regarding the e-banking services of public and private sector banks in Chittoor dist of Andrapradesh it will help to the bankers to understand the customers need in better way.

Authors Name: 
M.E.DoddaRaju, Dr.T.NarayanaReddy