Financial Performance of Selected Indian Origin Banks Operating At UAE


Banks have an important role to play in the economic development of any nation. A large part of money supply is controlled by the banks. The financial performance of a bank indicates its profitability which is an important indicator of the efficiency of banks. In this paper an attempt has been made to study the financial performance of selected Indian origin banks operating at UAE. Those banks were selected who have branch or representative office in UAE. Profitability is measured by using the selected financial ratios which includes Operating profit per share, Net operating profit per share, Return on long term funds, Return on net worth, Return on assets, Total income/capital employed, Dividend payout ratio and Operating profit per share. Data was collected for ten years from PROWESS data base and analyzed Statistical tools which are compound annual growth rate, Mean covariance and standard deviation. The compound annual growth rate of selected banks have both positive and negative trend during the study period. With the help of selected financial ratios the performance is measured and almost all the banks are witnessing positive growth.

Authors Name: 
Dani Jose, Sonal Purohit